Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Starstone by Grace Chetwin

Link to synopsis: The Starstone

Lets see. So this is the last book in the Gom of Windy Mountain series, and I have the same criticism for this one as I do for several other series-enders. The ending is sadly insufficient. Nothing is settled, as far as the main character goes, and as for the plot, there was a flippin' war going on! How can you end the series in the middle of a war? I guess we are supposed to assume that because Gom won his battle, the war was a no-brainer. Very frustrating.

The rest of the story wasn't bad. A little quicker paced than the previous books, and with more character development. I'll always wish for the next three books that should have been written in this series . . .

Date Completed: 6/5/2008
Rating: 3.0