Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Darkness at Sethanon by Raymond E Feist

Link to synopsis: A Darkness at Sethanon: Volume IV in the Riftwar Saga

Unfortunately I am behind in my reviews here. I say unfortunately because I think that this book would have gotten a much better review (which it deserves) if I had done it right away. In short, a series that I had serious reservations about after the first book came to an awesome conclusion in A Darkness at Sethanon: Volume IV in the Riftwar Saga.

The characters and conflict were all building throughout the last book, and yet I can say that I had no idea how Feist would tie it all up. The breadth of the story was manageable, so I wasn't concerned that it could be wrapped up in one volume, more I was concerned that it would be another unsatisfactory finale. Well, Feist delivered for me. He took the characters and the plot and developed them even further and still brought it down to a solid conclusion, giving us closure on where the characters were at as well as the plot. Yes, the story is still peeking open a little for later books/series to tie into. Overall a very satisfying read, earning one of my highest ratings yet.

Downside: A lot of metaphysical action that happens inside people's heads. I generally dislike this because it is a lot of action that isn't really action. Of course, that is probably one reason why I often prefer juvenile literature over adult material, which this series is.

Date Completed: 6/21/08
Rating: 4.1