Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gregor and the Code of Claw by Suzanne Collins

Link to synopsis:Gregor And The Code Of Claw (Underland Chronicles)

It took two different hold requests at the local library to finally get my hands on this book. The series as a whole is fantastic, a term here meant to mean both good and hard to believe. (Sorry, I had a Series of Unfortunate Events moment there.) This book was about 85% of everything I hoped it would be. I guess that is good for a solid "B" grade. Let's begin with the assumption that it is perfect, and then I will give my reasons---both of them---for deducting 15%.

Reason 1: The ending was less than satisfactory. You just didn't feel "closure" with how it wrapped up. I will admit to being a little sensitive to this since I have the same complaint about a number of other recent reads. I hope it isn't a trend, either in publishing or my tastes. Either one would be inconvenient. Anyway, I believe that there is a certain level of closure that an author owes the their audience after a series. A stand-alone book is one thing, but after 5 or 7 or 13 (don't even get me started about Robert Jordan) you owe your readers a little more than a 2 or 3 page "and they walked into the sunset" kind of ending. I am going to re-read Harry Potter just so I can continue this rant in that review. . .

Reason 2: So the whole story line is interesting, albeit a little weird, but being a fantasy reader that isn't what bothers me. Does anyone else think that Gregor is way way way too young to be in these situations? I am not saying anything about the age of the readers of this book. I am saying that I don't want to read about a 12 year old kid falling in love and being a great warrior. It is unbelievable. And that is saying something, coming from a guy who is not put off by talking rats, magic spells or humanoid aliens who wear wooden armor. Now if Gregor were 16 or so, I could begin to see it. Even 15 would be closer. But 12? No way.

Date Completed:5/31/2008
Rating: 3.3