Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jason's Seven Magical Night Rides by Grace Chetwin

Link to synopsis: Jason's Seven Magical Night Rides

I will be brief. I like a lot of Chetwin's work. It is generally slower paced, but it gets it done, generally speaking. This book is not in that category. I had to force myself to finish it. It was disjointed and had very little sensible plot.

The one bright spot (worth .5): Many of the scenes used a variety of historical settings that were both interesting and informative, although I did not check up on any of the details.

A note: At the end I think I figured out what Chetwin was trying to do. Constant references to Jason's absent father were supposed to lead up to his acceptance of his situation. To me the whole thing came across as weak from a development perspective, and the finale was cheesy. Like I said, I like her other work, this one just didn't get there.

Date Completed: 5/28/08
Rating: .5