Sunday, October 19, 2008

A note on my posting format . . .

I am doing away with the synopsis link. When I started this blog, I first felt compelled to give my imaginary reader a brief summary of the book, and then give my opinion. This seemed like a bad idea for two reasons: 1.)it is tremendously redundant as there are a countless other Internet sites that provide that and 2.) it is a very time consuming task. I wouldn't mind spending the time, of course, if I thought it was adding value, but I don't think it does.

In any case, by second or third post I decided that I could just link to Amazon's page for the book which often included a short synopsis of the plot. That way those who wanted to know more about it could go there and get the info they were looking for. I also included one of Amazon's product banners, which is useful because it tells you how much the book would cost on Amazon used (the best way to buy books). It also added some color to my site as well without me having to scour the web for pictures of books.

Well, Amazon's link creator was broken when I was writing my last post, and it got me to thinking about this strategy. I have decided to do away with the synopsis link, because clicking on the graphic take you to the same page. I also think I am going to experiment with different graphic links. The current links look too commercial with the prices on them, and if someone was really interested in buying the book and wanted to know the price, they could tell by clicking on the picture.

So I will be experimenting for a few posts. Just an FYI. Thanks for coming and reading. Hopefully you share my love (or distaste) for some of these books, or you have found my opinions interesting or helpful.