Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World For Kids By Kids 2007 edited by Wendy Lefkon

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World for Kids, by Kids 2007 (Birnbaum's Walt Disney World for Kids By Kids)

So I must be feeling adventurous these days because this represents another first for this blog. This is my first juvenile non-fiction book this year. Of course, the topic is Disney; Disneyworld to be more specific. Of course, that was a draw for me, but I also was curious to see how the juvenile non-fiction book was put together. Here is what I found.

1. It seemed to be one long graphic arts project. Text was not arranged on the page with supplementing graphics and pictures, rather the text was all inlaid in different colored shapes and each shape was a colored element in its own right. Over all I think it worked for the audience intended. The graphical grouping helped keep topics together, even for the youngest reader.

2. The topics are short and succinct, only providing the information that the target audience would be interested in. The strange thing is that as I paged through the book and saw the layout, I expected it to be a quick read: an hour or two. I spent at least that with it. I was surprised by the amount of content that was in the book.

Date Completed: 10/15/08
Rating: 3.0