Monday, October 27, 2008

Home on the Prairie: Stories from Lake Wobegon by Garrison Keillor

So a few posts ago I blogged my first audio book, counting it among my books read. This is one more step in that direction as this too was an audio program. However, I saw no reference that it was a book as well, so my counting it as a book is somewhat tenuous, however I am supported by Amazon, which has it listed in the "book" category. In any case, it was a worthwhile listen so it definitely counts.

For those of you who haven't heard the Prairie Home Companion radio show, I suggest you look it up on your local public radio station, make yourself a tall glass of lemonade, or hot chocolate depending on the season, and then go sit on the porch (or by the fire) and enjoy a slow-paced treat. Why is it a treat? It is entertaining, consistent and free. What more do you want?

Mr. Keillor invites musical guests, holds small town contests and performs in old school radio dramas/comedies. It hearkens back to an older era in a timeless way.

System requirements: As you know all technical products have system requirements, so I want to let you know what you need to enjoy this show.
1. First and foremost, you need patience. Similar to some of the older vintage books I have written about, this show doesn't move at a 2008 pace, but rather something closer to a 1908 pace. Is it entertaining? Yes. Does it blow your socks off? No. Take your own dang socks off.
2. You need a working brain. Often I find that this show leaves me thinking. Not every time, and it isn't always serious, but to me it is a key part of the show to be able to pause and let something sink a little deeper now and then. But not all of the time. Sometimes just laugh, listen or smirk and then move on with life.

So what did I listen to to justify this post? At the end of every show, Garrison ends with the "News from Lake Wobegon" spot. It is basically a story/monologue told with a story teller's grace about the Wisconsin town of Lake Wobegon, which is the fictional home town of Keillor. His detail and speaking skills are outstanding, and after a few times you actually think of his characters as his actual neighbors. His stories leave you laughing and maybe, if you are extra tenderhearted, crying. Alas, I'm not one of those, but I do feel the sentimental side of the show.

This CD set was a collection of some of those "News" segments from over the years. It was a great listen and they selected a good cross-section of his work. Some funny, some contemplative, all entertaining. I give it one of the highest ratings I've ever given.

Date Completed: 10/23/08
Rating: 4.6


Heather said...

I like him too but not as much as you. You grew up with him, it is an aquired taste.