Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Ruby Knight by David Eddings

The Ruby Knight (The Elenium, #2)The Ruby Knight by David Eddings
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If there was ever a series where multiple books really seemed like one story, this is it. The action, feel, style, characters, and conflict all feel like The Diamond Throne never ended.

I like the buildup to the big reveal in the last chapter (avoiding a spoiler here.) I knew it was coming, having read this series before, but it still struck me. It was one of the main things I remember about the series from my first reading, and it seemed masterful then. It still is.

One issue I had was the ease with which these apparently noble representatives of a religion mingle with criminals. I understand the need they had to work together, but on an interpersonal level I felt it went way to smoothly. No insults? No reservations regarding their own safety? And on the theives side, no anger at being potentially seen as servants when they obviously shunned normal roles in society?

Aside from that, I still enjoyed this book. Again, it is a straight forward story of knights on a quest that chop things up with their swords as needed, and trust magic to do the rest. Simple plots like this are hard to come by in our contemporary fantasy fiction, and I appreciate this book for what it is.