Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Witches Brew (Magic Kingdom of Landover #5) by Terry Brooks

Witches' Brew (Magic Kingdom of Landover, #5)Witches' Brew by Terry Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Again, this book has so much more to offer than the previous books in this series. The only part that seemed like a hack was the ease with which Mistaya was subverted in the beginning. It isn't in keeping with her character, and makes the rest of the story, which I thought was very well done, feel contrived. Also, while I have complained in the past about introducing unrelated new characters, adding a new protagonist in this book seemed natural and not at all distracting to the past characters or plots.

Oh, and I like Strabo. I don't know why. While he often plays an important strategic role throughout the stories, his character seems like a bit of a misfit. We'll see what he grows into in the next book (when it comes out.)

A random musing: I wonder what Terry Brooks would do differently if he really could start this series over...