Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fyre (Septimus Heap 7) by Angie Sage

Fyre (Septimus Heap, #7)Fyre by Angie Sage
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So I reached the end of the Magyk series. I have aired my complaints in the past about the lack of a linear conflict in this series, just as I have repeatedly praised the setting and concept. This final book gets the brunt of my frustrations, and those frustrations are all about lost opportunities.

The final conflict was good. It felt undeveloped, but had the makings of a deep, long-term conflict that I could have sunk my teeth into. The history of the ring, the role of the Queen in society and the relation of the Magyk world to ours all hold juicy interest for me. Why then, oh why, weren't those things a part of the series the whole time? Why didn't those ideas get developed and grow to a great finale that leaves me with an I-ate-too-much-for-Thanksgiving kind of literary diabetic coma? Instead a great series is left like an un-watered plant to eke along until someone tries to create and solve a series-wide plot in one book. Great characters (Hotep Ra) get pulled out of the past and set to run around as if they were in their prime. Delightfully evil villians are introduced, set free and then reconquered between one set of covers. It could have been so much more!

Blah. I will say no more. I would love for someone to fix this at some point, but I understand that now that it has been printed, it is over. The cat is out of the bag, and it is too late. And it is time to move on.