Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Book List

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So 2012 was not a great blogging year for me.  I didn't get any write-ups done on the books I read (I might try to go back and fill some in.)  But the good news is that I still have the list, so all is not lost.

#BookAuthorDate Completed
1The Pawn of ProphecyDavid Eddings February 1
2Queen of SorceryDavid Eddings February 2
3Magician's GambitDavid EddingsFebruary 3
4Castle of WizardryDavid Eddings February 4
5Enchanters End GameDavid EddingsFebruary 5
6Guardians of the WestDavid Eddings February 6
7King of the MurgosDavid Eddings February 10
8Demon Lord of KarandaDavid Eddings February 15
9Sorceress of DarshivaDavid Eddings February 24
10The Seeress of KellDavid Eddings February 26
11Total Money MakeoverDave RamseyMarch 24
12The Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsMarch 25
13A Red Herring Without MustardAlan BradleyApril 20
14I Am Half-Sick of ShadowsAlan BradleyApril 23
15The Art of the StartGuy KawasakiJune 24
16The Night CircusErin MorgansternJune 28
17Nail It then Scale ItNathan Furr and Paul AhlstromDecember 2