Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Book Of Mormon

So in case you were not aware, The Book of Mormon is a religious book that lays the foundation for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is often referred to as the Mormon church, a name derived from the title of this book.  While I am a member of that church, I have no official spokesperson status.  Just an opinion I will share freely.

The book is comprised of  records of an ancient civilization on the American continent, preserved through the ages by a series of prophets/authors and then consolidated into one volume by a guy named Mormon (thus the name).  Ultimately it was buried for safe keeping, and later discovered in the 1830s by a man by the name of Joseph Smith, per the instructions of an angel.  There are plenty of critics out there for this book, and for the story of its orgin that I just outlined. I can not help them, nor can I respond to them, really.  I can understand that some people may have trouble with the idea of an angel guiding someone to a book.  I have trouble with the idea that the book isn't genuine (I read it, after all.)  So if it is genuine, then it came by angelic instructions.  Im ok with that.

I believe that the Book of Mormon is a true record of a people that really existed.  I can hear the different voices of authorship throughout the book, and I see attitudes and civization changing over time in its pages.  The purpose of the book is to bring people to Jesus Christ, and complements the Bible in that objective.  For me, to attack this book is to attack Christianity as a whole.  Again, this is just my opinion, so I recommend, as I often do on this blog, to read this book for yourself though, and would suggest forming your opinion after that reading, not before.

5 Stars.