Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan

A Crown of Swords (Wheel of Time, #7) A Crown of Swords by Robert Jordan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
So we are inching back to four stars with this Wheel of Time book, but only inching. We saw some of the far-flung plots reach some conclusions; Nynaeve and Elayne have the Bowl of Winds, and an army, more or less; Matt is heading for his long-forshadowed run-in with the Daughter of the Nine Moons; and one more Forsaken is dead. We have a few new wild cards in Sevannah and the gholam, and some of the same old antagonists (when will he actually kill Padan Fain??) but overall stuff happened in this book.

What kept it in the 3-star range for me is how in one chapter or less he storms into Illian and takes out a Forsaken. I still get the sense that he isn't a match for one of them in a fair fight, and this didn't convince me otherwise. The only thing I was convinced of is that Jordan needed to end this book quickly, so he cut to the chase. Very dissatisfying. Still, I have hope for the future... This was an improvement.

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