Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ralph S. Mouse by Beverly Cleary

So I said a while ago that the next story I read to my boys for a bedtime story was going to be a more recent, more boyish story. Well, I said that but I already had Ralph S. Mouse in my library basket at home, so I somewhat postponed that statement. I say somewhat because by all accounts this classic by Beverly Cleary is more boyish. Still a little dated, but much more boyish.

The boys would agree with that as well. They all got into the story, and stuck with it pretty well. My criticism? I don't have much to say really. It wasn't fantastic, and there are a few "silly" aspects to the characterization of the main mouse, Ralph, but overall it is age appropriate for my crowd (ages 5-9). I feel that since I don't have any big issues I have to rate it higher, although I will also admit that it isn't in my target age category.

Date Completed: 11/15/08

Rating: 4.0