Friday, May 9, 2008

The Riddle and the Rune by Grace Chetwin

Link for synopsis: Riddle and the Rune, The

So life has been busy, but I did pick up the Gom of Windy Mountain series again. Actually, I had to request it from the library, since it seems to be a fairly rare and yet popular series. In some ways I can see why, as you get to know the characters through page after page of hearing their inner thoughts and seeing the world from their point of view. For the same reasons I can see why this book hasn't quite made the list for a reprint. Chetwin's story, although captivating in its detail, can be a bit slow at times, especially when compared with the newer competition in the juvenile section.

One thing I find interesting as I go through this series is that at the end of the book it might seem like relatively little actually happened. It reminded me of The Spiderwick Chronicles in that way, only these books are longer, yet the stories are comparable in how the progress per book. Just a random thought.

Date Completed: 5/5/08
Rating (1-5): 3.5